Spinning (indoor cycling)

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You’ll Burn Big Calories! An hour-long Spin class can burn anywhere from 600-1000 calories depending on the intensity of the instructor and the amount that you push yourself. It relies on a combination of fast-paced cycling and strategic lighter rest intervals to get you recovered for the next burst. Most spinning classes last around 40 minutes so you’ll be burning about 400-600 calories per class.

You’ll Customize Your Spin Bike. Each Spinning class will have their own bikes which are fully customizable for you as an individual. You’ll be able to adjust the seat, handlebars and the tension/resistance accordingly. Make sure to do this at the start of each workout so that you’re not uncomfortable for the workout. The instructor will help you if you’re unfamiliar with the equipment.

You’ll Get an Intense Indoor Cycle Workout. The average class will begin at a gentle pace for 5-10 minutes. The indoor bike pace will gradually pick up throughout this period but it will stay similar to cycling on flat terrain. After this period you will enter into different intervals of seated and standing work dependent on the intensity. If you’re ‘climbing’ then you’ll normally be standing but expect to be on and off the saddle through the whole session. The instructor may also ask for you to ‘hover’ which is basically where you are leaning forward over the handlebars with your hips above the saddle and towards the back of the Spin bike. It’s a similar position to someone trying to gain a lot of speed at a slight incline on a normal bike.

You’ll Be Sore. The days after your class you can expect to have very sore legs which can be helped by stretching, foam rolling or getting a massage. Don’t worry, this is normal. Your muscles have to be broken down in order to grow stronger. Over time the amount of muscle ache that you get from a Spinning class will decrease because your body will have adapted but for the first couple of weeks the aches will be quite intense.

You’ll Get Healthier. Just as your body will adapt to the aches, you will also improve aerobically. Each class that you complete will be one step forwards. A few weeks will pass and you’ll look back to see how far you’ve come. You may have turned up the resistance on the bike or simply be pushing yourself harder each class but you will have definitely improved. You should also notice that your body composition has changed. Your legs should be bigger and stronger and your fat mass should have decreased.

You’ll Love It. So “what is Spinning class” you ask?  It’s an amazing, challenging way to get incredibly fit.  All it takes is pushing through those first sessions as they are always the hardest.  Once you do, don’t be surprised if you find yourself addicted.