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The most beautiful and complete gym on the Island, with a personal touch!

How it all started

Founded in 2008, ABC Fitness & Health NV was the first gym on Bonaire to also offer group classes. At that time there was still a limited offer, such as aerobics and kickboxing. The name under which the gym was known to the public was Health & Fitness Center Bonaire (HFC).

In 2011, the then small gym of 300 square meters changed hands. The new owner has allowed the gym to grow, to such an extent that it outgrew its scope in 2013. At the same location, but across the street from the building, the old bowling alley was empty. This one was 600 square meters and the gym moved to this larger location. From then on, the gym really started to expand.

HFC was known as the most extensive and cozy gym on the island. The widest range of equipment and the widest range of varied group classes. The gym for everyone, regardless of age, origin, fitness level or appearance. The gym where everyone can be themselves and have no shame.

Despite the super central location in the middle of the city, with the growth of the gym, this central location also brought restrictions with it to be able to grow further in quality and quantity. After years of preparing plans, HFC finally moved to its new location at Punt Vierkant, at the Delfins Beach Resort, in February 2022. HFC has undergone a re-branding and now continues as Dreamz Fitness Bonaire. Even more offer, now no less than 1200 square meters of sports fun, and high-end facilities.

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Discover our concepts

With us,all our fitness and physical activities are not just about excercising, it is also about having an
amazing and fun experience. Dreamz Fitness has a wide range of quality and beautiful fitness equipment for everyone with every fitness level.

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Meet the team

Here at Dreamz Fitness Bonaire we have trainers available for all your fitness goals! The most experienced, warm welcoming and nicest persons you’ll ever meet! On top of that who will be able to guide you trough your journey of getting fit and staying healthy.

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